The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Stephen  Carpenter

The Three Billy Goat Gruff is about three brother goats that eat all the grass on their hill. They decide to take a adventure to another hill that is full of grass, but are fearful of a troll that lives under the bridge that they would have to cross. Little Billy Goat Gruff as well as Middle Billy Goat Gruff trick the troll using their smart brains in order to get over the bridge. Bigger Billy Goat Gruff uses his strength to overcome the troll so he can get over the bridge. This book shows that no matter what your strengths are, you are always able to overcome any fears or obstacles that may enter your path! 


How I would use this book in my classroom:


I would use this book in my classroom during a character analysis lesson! I would have my students compare/contrast the goats to each other as well as describe the traits of the troll (since a page in the book goes into great detail about the trolls appearance and personality).


Lexile level: 650L