The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

When I think of popular children's literature, this is one of the top books that comes to mind! The Giving Tree is a classic throughout generations. In this story we see two characters, a boy and a apple tree. The little boy grows up playing with the tree, which makes it happy. As the boy gets older, he starts playing with the tree less and less. In order to feel happy again, the tree starts giving herself to the boy in several ways. It starts with the tree giving the boy her apples so he can sell them for money. The tree then gives the boy her branches, so he can build a house. The three then goes on to give the boy her trunk, and at this point the tree has nothing else left to give him. The boy is gone for a long time, and the tree is left as just a stump. Then one day the boy comes back, but this time as a tired old man. The tree is so excited to see him and offers her trunk as a place for the old man to rest. The man takes the opportunity, and the book ends with them sitting in peace together. 


This book is definitely a tear-jerker and helps open the eyes to many. The lesson to be learned in this book is that nature gives so much to us, even when all we do is "take take take." It helps readers be inspire to give back to nature and be self aware of all we take for granted. 


Lexile: 530L