Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson

Follow the adventures of Leslie and Jess as they travel to their make-believe world, Terabithia. Leslie and Jess both live very different lives, but that doesn't stop them from forming an unbreakable friendship. Jess is focused on being the fastest kid in school while Leslie is more concerned with "fitting in". Together they will share a world of laughter, that is until tragedy strikes. Jess soon finds himself alone and trying to navigate the world without his best friend. 


How I would use this in my classroom:


After requesting superintendent and parental consent, I would share this story with my higher grade students. This book was one that got me hooked on my love for reading because it made me feel like I was apart of a whole different world. I would hope that it would have the same effect on my students. After reading the book I would also like to show the movie to my class, as I feel they would need a "mental break" after reading such a moving book.


Lexile: 810L