Coming to America : The Story of Immigration - Betsy Maestro, Suzanne Ryan

I was just recently introduced to this amazing book, and I feel blessed to now know it exists! This is a fantastic story that introduces students to the concept of immigration and what it takes to become a United States citizen. This book also introduces students to the beauty of a world full of hundreds of cultures. It also informs students on the history of Ellis Island and about Americas first immigrant, Annie Moore who was just a young girl traveling with her two younger brothers. I cant not stress how much of an impact this inspirational book can have on students and teachers alike. 


How I would use this book in my classroom:

I would love to use this book in my classroom during a lesson on immigration or during the Fourth of July. I would teach this lesson using a scavenger hunt for my children to complete. While this book would require me to read it to them (being that its so long and wordy) they could all listen to me teach and fill in their scavenger hunts as we go. 


Lexile: AD 890L